Economic & Environmental Development Working Group

recycling facility

CONNECT imagines possibilities where economic development and environmental sustainability mutually reinforce each other, rather than being pitted against one another.


Our most active issue in this working group is around recycling. We are working towards a cleaner, more efficient, and more coordinated regional recycling system. We work with partners including Pennsylvania Resources Council, Sustainable Pittsburgh, and more.


Another key issue of this working group is transit & access, specifically, Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). CONNECT has a close partnership with the Port Authority of Allegheny County as well as other partners.

Other issues

Our members care about many other economic & environmental development issues as well. While we have the capacity to fully engage in one or two policy items per working group, other areas CONNECT keeps its members engaged on include tree canopy, air quality, housing and development, and blight.

Upcoming Working Group Meetings

Transit & Access Subcommitee: TBD