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Other Recent Communications

You're invited to participate in "UrbanPlan" with CONNECT and Urban Land Institute
Last Day to RSVP for Tomorrow's Stormwater International Keynote Session!
Sweet Opportunities for CONNECTers in the Upcoming Days/Weeks!
Fall I & U Working Group Hosting International Panel & Discussion: RSVP
Action Needed: CONNECT x Be The Change App
CONNECT Featured in Two Workshops Next Week 7/30
Follow-up to CONNECT's Public Safety, Health, and Human Resources Working Group meeting
You're Invited to the Pitt Diversity Forum! 
Two New Tools for CONNECTers During COVID
Thank You & LEAD Update
Municipal Revenue Crisis Pt. 2 Follow-Up
CONNECT Shows Up For Anti-Racism (Call to Action pt. 2)
Economic & Environmental Development Working Group Follow-Up
Anti-Racism Call to Action
Dive Deeper into CONNECT's Municipal Revenue Crisis Conversation
Infrastructure & Utilities Working Group Follow Up + ICYMI: Grant Extension + Recreation Recommendations from the State
Updates before Memorial Day Weekend, and CONNECT (you) won an award!
Following up RE: Memorial Day! Pools! Census! Finances! LEAD!

Meeting Minutes

10.8.20 Public Safety, Health, & Human Resources Working Group
9.29.20 Infrastructure & Utilities Working Group: NOIR International Stormwater + Governance Keynote Session VIDEO
9.17.20 11th Annual Legislative Session VIDEO
7.16.20 Public Safety, Health, and Human Services Working Group
6.18.20 Executive Committee
6.11.20 Planning Meeting for Anti-Racism Skill Share (Series)
6.4.20 Economic & Environmental Development Working Group
5.29.20 Municipal Revenue Crisis Skill Share pt. 2
5.21.20 Infrastructure & Utilities Working Group
5.8.20 Municipal Revenue Crisis Skill Share
5.6.20 New Census Outreach Strategies Skill Share VIDEO
4.16.20 Executive Committee
3.26.20 Executive Committee
3.5.20 Public Safety, Health, & Human Services Working Group
2.18.20 Economic & Environmental Development Working Group special PAAC session
2.13.20 Economic & Environmental Development Working Group
1.16.20 Executive Committee
1.9.20 Infrastructure & Utilities Working Group
11.21.19 Executive Committee
11.7.19 Public Safety, Health, & Human Services Working Group
10.10.19 Economic & Environmental Development Working Group
9.19.19 Executive Committee
9.12.19 Infrastructure & Utilities Working Group

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