CONNECT Documents


View the current member bylaws here. They are currently going through a revision process with our bylaws committee.


CONNECT members (the "Congress" of Neighboring Communities) has collectively adopted annual resolutions since our inception in 2009. These resolutions guide the direction of CONNECT by establishing highest priorities and next steps towards solutions.

PDF of 2009-2010 resolutions (1st Legislative Session)
PDF of 2010-2011 resolutions (2nd Legislative Session)
PDF of 2011-2012 resolutions (3rd Legislative Session)
PDF of 2012-2013 resolutions (4th Legislative Session)
PDF of 2013-2014 resolutions (5th Legislative Session)
PDF of 2014-2015 resolutions (6th Legislative Session)
PDF of 2015-2016 resolutions (7th Legislative Session)
PDF of 2016-2017 resolutions (8th Legislative Session)
PDF of 2018-2019 resolutions (9th Legislative Session)
PDF of 2019-2020 resolutions (10th Legislative Session)
PDF of 2020-2022 resolutions (11th Legislative Session)

PDF of the approved 2022-2023 resolutions (12th Legislative Session)