Infrastructure & Utilities Coordination Working Group

There are currently two active, high-priority policy issues in this working group.


The first is stormwater regionalization and management. Flooding is a perfect example of something that cannot be solved at the municipal level. CONNECT partners with 3 Rivers Wet Weather, ALCOSAN, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Allegheny County Conservation District, students from our home in the Graduate School of Public & International Affairs, and other partners to make state policy recommendations. We also highlight available green infrastructure funding to municipalities. 

Coordinate PA

Our second active issue in this working group is implementing PA One Call's CoordinatePA software. Has it ever happened where your municipality's public works paves a road in the spring, and in the fall, a utility company needs to rip it up to do maintanence and then re-pave it? Coordinate PA find opportunities for utility providors and municipalities to work together and save construction time and share costs. It is most effective when everyone uses it, so CONNECT has made it a goal to get all of our members feeling comfortable utilizing the software.

Other issues

Our members care about other infrastructure & utilities issues as well. While we have the capacity to fully engage in one or two policy items per working group, other areas CONNECT keeps members up to date on include joint energy purchasing, available grants for municipal infrastructure projects, and seeing the completion of the last decade's sewer regionalization project with ALCOSAN.

Next Working Group Meeting

Tentative: Tuesday, September 29, 1:00-3:00pm
CONNECT + Pitt NOIR (Network on Infrastructural Regionalism) Stormwater Workshop
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