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Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, November 19, 10am
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GSPIA CONNECT Capstone Presentations - Learn More
Monday, November 30, 10am-12pm
Project topics:

  • The state and opportunity of Councils of Government
  • The future of fire service delivery
  • Regional climate action plan
  • Regional solutions for hard to recycle items

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Group meeting

CONNECT Upcoming Events and Meetings

View or download a pdf of CONNECT's 2020 events and meetings here.

Skill Shares

CONNECT Skill Shares are an evolution of the Zoom happy hours we started holding that have served well for information-sharing and problem-sourcing, leading to excellent follow-up and innovation. The Skill Shares, which are specific to just one topic at a time, "stack the room" with experts and encourage all to participate in sharing concerns, inspiration, and resources.

Annual Legislative Session & Reception

11th Annual Legislative Session and Reception
Thursday, September 17th, 4:00-6:00p

Annual Friendraiser

The annual friendraiser, usually in October, has been canceled for 2020.

Partner Events

Relevant partner events that CONNECT encourages our members and our network to check out!