Climate Action Plan

CONNECT recognizes a growing need to address members' contributions to climate change, as well as equitably adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. This CONNECT Climate Action Plan highlights our vulnerabilities, includes the first inventory of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from each member’s community-wide activities, establishes a feasible emissions reduction target, and outlines potential actions identified by stakeholders to achieve our emissions reduction, equity, and resilience goals.

About the Plan

The CONNECT Climate Action Plan, developed in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, is a plan that aims to help Allegheny County’s local governments address climate change. CONNECT submitted the first draft of the plan, and presented it to the Executive Committee and the Infrastructure & Utilities Coordination Working Group, the last week of July 2021. Suggested changes from members and partners were then incorporated into a second version of the Draft Plan before Dec 9th, 2021. Final visual edits were incorporated into a third and final draft voted on and formally adopted by our members via Resolution 22-05 at CONNECT's 12th Annual Legislative Session!

The Plan provides an active framework for our municipalities to leverage that ensures their investments not only maximize financial efficiency but also supports the critical long-term investments that foster economic vibrance and sustainability. 

-Andrew Flynn, Mt. Lebanon Commission President and CONNECT Chair

Explore ways your local government can implement sustainability and climate action in your community by clicking on the Plan and a shortened version below:

CONNECT Climate Action Brief                  CONNECT Climate Action Plan Full

We thank everyone who provided their input throughout this process. You can still click on the comment links below to see comments from the comment period. Visit the links below to view our replies to your comments, suggested changes, and conversations from those who left feedback on the previous drafts!

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See the Results From CONNECT's Regional Climate Survey

CONNECT and its members invited anyone who resides or owns a business in Allegheny County to provide feedback on how our region can address climate change and the vulnerabilities it creates in our communities. Results informed the development of this Plan and will help our local governments plan for the future.


In the last few years, 7 CONNECT communities (Etna, Forest Hills, Millvale, Munhall, Sharpsburg, West Homestead, and the City of Pittsburgh) inventoried their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and developed individualized plans to guide future emissions reductions in their jurisdictions. Starting in 2020, CONNECT joined with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and ICLEI to complete a Regional GHG Inventory and Climate Action Plan that represents all CONNECT communities and will help members reach their economic and environmental sustainability goals. CONNECT has worked with utility companies on behalf of our members to compile their emissions and water data and we are drafting a CONNECT Climate Action Plan with input from many local governments and partners.

Finalized and passed Climate Action Plans within our membership:

Get Involved

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Our work in Climate Action is housed within the Infrastructure and Utilities Working Group. If you have any questions about our work, please email Community Projects Manager Eric Raabe.


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