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CONNECT was selected in early 2011 as a recipient of an “Options for Regional Sewer System Management” award from 3 Rivers Wet Weather. The $95,000 grant was used to perform an analysis and develop recommendations for the issues of governing municipally owned sewer lines located in the 19 CONNECT municipalities that have a direct flow connection with the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA). A map of these flows can be found here.

Currently, these connection points are governed by an assortment of formal and informal agreements separately negotiated by the PWSA and each individual municipality. The CONNECT Multijurisdictional Sewer Management Study examined the cost and condition of these multijurisdictional lines and the advantages/disadvantages of existing ownership approaches, and proposed alternative models of management and financing.

CONNECT in partnership with 3 Rivers Wet Weather is developing a three-fold project that began in October 2013 to evaluate this work in concert with the ALCOSAN Sewer Regionalization Evaluation and accomplish the following goals:

  1. Develop the framework needed for an expeditious transfer of all intermunicipal conveyance lines, trunk sewers and upstream wet weather facilities to ALCOSAN, including any proposed wet weather infrastructure included in the municipal feasibility studies;
  2. Develop an efficient and coordinated consensus process to create incentivized source reduction programs through amended municipal service agreements between the communities and ALCOSAN; and
  3. Create a consensus process, including the County Executive's office and local elected officials with the goal to establish a regional management system that will allow for the voluntary conveyance of municipal wastewater and stormwater to a regional entity.

On May 12, 2014, CONNECT and 3 Rivers Wet Weather released the first update on the Sewer Regionalization Implementation Project.

If you are interested in learning more about CONNECT’s work with Water/Sewer, or would like to join the working group, please contact Kristen Michaels at kmaser@pitt.edu.

Click here for a list of all resolutions passed by CONNECT relating to our work in this issue area.


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