CONNECT’s Transportation Policy Working Group has consistently worked since CONNECT’s inception in 2009 to ensure that the transportation needs of CONNECT communities are understood, and to advocate for transportation initiatives and projects that will benefit our urban core. CONNECT has developed relationships and collaborated with numerous organizations to work to create better transportation options for the region, including The Port Authority of Allegheny County, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, Transportation for America and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Current Projects and Issue Areas

At the April 2015 Congress CONNECT released the CONNECT Public Transportation Needs Report, an analysis of public transportation needs in the urban core of Allegheny County. This report and its resulting recommendations are based on municipal interviews conducted by CONNECT staff and a review of local and national public transportation best practices. The report outlines recommendations to enhance public transportation in our region’s urban core through increased collaboration, infrastructure improvement, improved parking integration, and eventually service expansion.


Since the release of this report, the Port Authority has designated a staff person, to CONNECT, and regular meetings between CONNECT municipal representatives and the Authority have occurred to discuss issues and collaboration. Communication between parties has increased, and CONNECT members have been privy to advance information from the Port Authority, including being asked to provide feedback on their Transit-Oriented Development Guidelines before they were published, getting detailed explanations of services reports, and reviews of annual budgets.


CONNECT is currently working with Port Authority to explore if there are opportunities for collaboration in regards to TOD in CONNECT municipalities, as 12 municipalities were identified as opportunity sites in the Port Authority’s recently published TOD Guidelines.


In November 2017, CONNECT hosted a Complete Streets Workshop in partnership with many transportation agencies and nonprofit organizations. The event brought over 80 attendees, and focused on Complete Streets policy development for municipalities, funding sources, public engagement, and the benefits of Complete Streets. Click the link above to view the presentations and resources at the Workshop!


CONNECT continues to actively participate in regional transportation planning meetings, representing member municipalities, including Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group’s Go Burgh, Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission’s Commute Info and Stakeholder meetings, and others, always bringing relevant and applicable information back to our membership.


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Click here for a full list of all resolutions passed by CONNECT relating to our work in transportation.