Green Tree Borough

Community Profile: Green Tree Borough


February, 2015


Known for its iconic water tower, visible from miles around, the Borough of Green Tree has been busy working to make the community more walkable and sustainable for residents of all ages.  Greentree Road has enjoyed recent improvements to its sidewalks, including the widening of the walkways, and the addition of box curbs. The wider sidewalks encourage pedestrian traffic, and the box curbs maintain a safe distance between pedestrians and vehicles, in addition to directing rainwater drainage. These improvements were completed in conjunction with necessary gas and utility updates, effectively leveraging community resources to kill two birds with one stone.

Additionally, early last year Green Tree completed its Streetscape program to improve the stretch of Green Tree Road between Parkway Center Drive and Western Ave, including the street in front of Aiken Elementary School. The Streetscape program included greening as well as the installation of benches, trash receptacles, and sidewalk lighting.

A new apartment complex called City Vista was recently completed and adds a new housing option for current and potential residents. “We’re very happy to have the new development here in Green Tree,” said Green Tree council member Mark Sampogna. “This development creates a new option for folks who may want to downsize from houses to apartments without leaving Green Tree.”

The complex, which includes four apartment buildings with over 260 apartment units, opened in late summer after overcoming a variety of obstacles, including zoning issues and the logistical challenges of building on the terrain, due to subterranean undermining. The result is a new residential option that includes high density housing featuring modern amenities, surrounded by green space.

For the Green Tree residents who prefer to wait until spring to take advantage of the updated outdoor walkways, there are plenty of indoor activities at the Green Tree Municipal Center. These fun programs are made possible by the generous work of Green Tree volunteers and the Recreation Director. As Mark puts it, “they are the ones getting things done and making the community thrive.”