Edgewood Borough

Community Spotlight: Edgewood Borough

July 2014


A lot is happening in Edgewood these days. Just earlier this month, Edgewood welcomed new manager Julie Bastianini after the retirement of Warren Cecconi, a long-time CONNECT member who retired after serving the borough as manager since 2009. New to the position but not to the borough (she’s been serving as assistant borough manager since 2009), Bastianini brings a passion for local government and community development to the role.

“Local government is the right fit for me because I enjoy the personal relationships you can make with the residents,” said Bastianini. “At the local level you are really able to know the people that your policies effect, and I really enjoy that part of the job.”


The dedication of Bastianini and Edgewood’s staff and councilmen and women to the Edgewood community can be seen throughout the borough. Residents gather many times a year for annual community-sponsored events, including Community Day, a fall festival, an easter egg hunt, Edgewood Oktoberfest, and Halloween and Christmas celebrations. The community most recently came together for the ribbon cutting of a new playground that was built on the neighborhood’s Koenig field. Funded by grants from DCNR and CITF, the new playground has already become an exciting attraction and meeting point for local families.

Edgewood is working on a number of initiatives to improve the borough and has also taken steps to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable and green practices. Edgewood was recently acknowledged for its efforts, becoming one of the first municipalities to become certified through the Southwestern Pennsylvania Sustainable Community Essentials Certification program.  Edgewood received a silver level of certification for meeting the program’s performance criteria, which track 131 policies and practices that define a sustainable community.

Another borough initiative is the updating of its zoning and land development ordinances. Through a grant from Allegheny County, the borough developing new ordinances that will have design standards to ensure that new construction will match the characteristics of the community. The borough has also made updates to its historic borough building, putting in new windows and updating the lighting and doors to make sure that the building is preserved.

“Edgewood is a unique community, full of residents who are really committed to the area. We want our residents to feel a strong bond with their neighbors, know their community, and to see that their tax dollars are going to provide services that go above and beyond,” said Bastianini. “We hope that our dedication will encourage our residents to invest in their properties and neighborhood, keeping Edgewood the beautiful and unique borough that it is for future generations.”