Castle Shannon Borough

Community Profile: Castle Shannon Borough

May, 2015

Castle Shannon is often referred to as the “Heart of the South Hills,” a moniker the borough takes seriously. With several community events during the month of May, and ongoing plans for revitalization of its downtown and new residential developments, Castle Shannon is striving to make the community an inviting and exciting destination for residents and commuters alike.

The efforts of the borough officials have not gone unnoticed, as Castle Shannon recently became the first community to win both of Pennsylvania’s Mayor of the Year and Outstanding Councilperson of the Year awards, which were bestowed upon Mayor Donald J.

The borough is working hard to improve life for residents. The Castle Shannon Revitalization Corporation continues to explore options related to the redevelopment and enrichment of the downtown business community near the T. The Corporation’s goals include better community marketing, neighborhood stabilization, and physical improvements to public spaces, all within a sustainable planning framework. The first project the Corporation is tackling is the beautification of the wall that supports rail infrastructure next to Someone Else’s Bar. Plans include greenscaping and public art representative of community history and identity.

Business development teams are also still actively pursuing options for the long-awaited Shannon Transit Village, which would support mixed-use development adjacent to the Castle Shannon Boulevard T stop. Finally, a 200-unit apartment community within the borough will be up for committee consideration in June, with potentially three new residential developments planned for the future.

A celebration for its residents, on May 24th Castle Shannon will host its annual Community Day, which offers a variety of food vendors, entertainment, and family-friendly activities capped by a fireworks show. Borough manager Thomas Hartswick and Councilman Michael Warhold are enthusiastic about the event, which traditionally draws a crowd and is a great opportunity for local businesses to connect with the community. The long weekend will be finished off with May 25th’s Memorial Day parade.The borough looks forward to a bright future as it “moves with confidence in its 2nd century.”