Carnegie Borough

Community Profile: Carnegie Borough

October 2016 

The Borough of Carnegie, located roughly six miles southwest of Pittsburgh’s downtown, is a vibrant community known for its friendly, small-town feel while at the same time enjoying some of the best aspects of urban accessibility in transportation. It conveniently sits at the end of the West Busway, is located at the intersection of route 79 and 279, and residents and visitors are able to access east and west communities via Noblestown Road. These links to and from the city, as well as the surrounding rural communities is a testament to the community’s unique asset in its placement within the urban core.

Carnegie Borough’s livability extends beyond transportation into its vibrant food and restaurant scene. In 2014, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article praising Carnegie’s charming culinary scene on its Main Street, with a map of all the ‘go to’ places (see image on right). Its dining selections are diverse – Italian, Ukranian, Irish, Asian, and various other world cuisines right in the heart of Carnegie.

Last month, Carnegie Borough hosted its first Open Streets event on September 24thwhere they also celebrated their designation as a Live Well Allegheny Community! The borough’s business district and East and West Main Streets were shut down to traffic for a day of community wellness activities sponsored by local businesses. According to Carnegie Mayor Jack Kobistek, the goal of the event was twofold, to promote an active lifestyle and to highlight the borough's numerous health and wellness businesses. The businesses came out in full force, with nearly every local business taking part in the event.

This type of event may not have been possible a few years ago. One of the biggest more recent successes in the borough that Manager Steve Beuter identifies is Carnegie’s growing and engaged business district. Beuter explains, “The borough is doing its best to keep our businesses and residents here in Carnegie. Upkeep of the town, adequate public safety, parking, and meeting the expectations of residents and business owners are top priorities for our borough.”

Beuter notes that a major benefit of a growing business district has been the establishment of a network: “Our business owners have begun to help one another and develop their own network. This increased communication is beneficial to current, as well as potential business owners.”

To add to this business-friendly atmosphere, Carnegie is in the last phases of finalizing and updating its zoning ordinances – a process that has been five years in the making. The new set of ordinances is expected to pass within the next few months. Carnegie is also being recognized for its efforts to make the community more business friendly: the Borough was recently awarded first place in their population category for their new website by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB)! The Borough recently updated their website to include forms and documents needed to conduct business within the borough, as well as a new, 24-hour communication system that allows visitors to view up-to-date information about borough news and events.